Thursday, 27 June 2013

See you on Saturday!


2 days to go and I think most things are mostly organised.  I just realised though that I haven't put anything up here for ages, so I thought I should put another one up so no-one wonders if it is still on (it is!) :)

See you on Saturday!  Hopefully this weather holds up...


Sunday, 26 May 2013

A bit about the service


Almost a month to go...

Thanks everyone who has already RSVPed, much appreciated :)

Just thought I would add a few bits and pieces about the church ceremony:
  • Gordon Waller will be marrying us, he lives near us and is lovely.  Please don't be even slightly scared of him, even if you haven't had much to do with ministers before.  The church has a very diverse congregation, everyone is  very welcome regardless of beliefs etc.  Be as gay or muslim or atheist as you like (as long as you sing loudly but I will get to that shortly).
  • There is space alongside the seating for children to play in, if you are bringing a child and they are getting a bit antsy, please feel free to let them play or sit down with some drawing or colouring-in there.
  • We (I!) have picked some fine hymns, they are nice ones.
You don't get to sing loudly in public very often so you all may as well make use of the opportunity.  To this end, so that you can practise if you wish, here they are-
(yes the last one is the welsh rugby one, but the Cambridges had it so I think it is ok).

More soon...

xx Caroline

Monday, 13 May 2013


Finally we have sorted out invitations.  For all of you who thought that you had been forgotten, no-one was forgotten.  Or really everyone was, but all equally.  We moved house and went on holiday and it rather disrupted the wedding things but now we are back and things are moving again.

So you are probably here from following the link in your invitation, but if not, it should arrive this week.  Thanks for your patience.  Hang in there...

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


We are getting married in Tooting on Saturday 29 June 2013.

We have set this blog up as (hopefully!) an easy way to answer any questions people might have about getting here: with people coming from all over, getting on the phone is not always easy.  And this way, if we forget to put anything important in the invitations, hopefully we can make up for it by adding it here...

The information has been arranged over four pages, accessed by the buttons on the banner above.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all.

Please comment if you see anything we have missed or if you have any questions and we will sort it out.

Lots of love,
Caroline & Jon